Temporary outdoor seasonal sales may be permitted in any business zoning district; provided, that the following minimum criteria are complied with: A permit application form and fee, as established in section 3-1-3 of the city code, shall be submitted to the city administrator who is hereby authorized to review and approve permits for temporary outdoor seasonal sales, provided the following criteria are established:
   A.   The maximum term of operation shall be sixty (60) consecutive days, with a maximum of two (2) permits per calendar year for each use.
   B.   No portion of the use shall take place within any public right of way or landscaped green strip.
   C.   Parking and display areas associated with the use shall not distract or interfere with existing business operations or traffic circulation patterns.
   D.   Display areas and parking spaces shall use those parking lot spaces that are in excess of the minimum required parking for the primary use of that property.
   E.   The site shall be kept in a neat and orderly manner, and display of items shall be as compact as possible so as to not interfere with existing business, parking or driveway operations.
   F.   Sales products, trailers, temporary stands, etc., shall be located on an asphalt or concrete surface as approved in the administrative permit.
G. Temporary outdoor seasonal sales uses (with a valid administrative permit) may have one on site temporary sign not to exceed twenty four (24) square feet in area and not more than twelve feet (12') in height 1 .
   H.   The owner/operator shall have the written permission of the current property owner to locate the use on a specific site.
   I.   A daily cleanup program shall be presented as part of the administrative permit application.
   J.   Those temporary outdoor seasonal sales uses that are determined by the city administrator not to be consistent with the intent of the city code or comprehensive plan may be appealed pursuant to the process outlined in chapter 600 of this ordinance. (Ord. 1988-12, 12-19-1988; amd. Ord. 1999-8, 10-19-1999; Ord. 2010-002, 7-19-2010; Ord. 2017-01, 1-3-2017)



1. See also subsection 10-7-7B of the city code.