A.   Construction plans for the required improvements conforming in all respects with the standards and ordinances of the city shall be prepared, at the applicant's expense, by a professional engineer who is registered in the state of Minnesota, and said plans shall contain his certificate. Such plans, together with the quantities of construction items, shall be submitted to the city engineer for his approval and for his estimate of the total costs of the required improvements. Upon approval, such plans shall become a part of the required contract. The tracings of the plans approved by the engineer, plus two (2) prints, shall be furnished to the city to be filed as a public record.
   B.   All required improvements on the site that are to be installed under the provisions of this chapter shall be inspected during the course of construction by the city engineer at the applicant's expense, and acceptance by the city shall be subject to the city engineer's certificate of compliance with the contract. (Amended Ord. 1988-8, 9-8-1988)