10-8-6: CITY ACTION:
The city may take the following actions in relation to a vacant building. The building owner shall reimburse the city for all costs incurred by the city pursuant to this chapter.
   A.   The city may shut off water service to the vacant building, unless the owner can show good cause why water service should remain on.
   B.   The city may inspect the premises of the vacant building each month. (Ord. 2009-021, 9-21-2009)
   C.   The city may take any other action required to secure the building. Any additional costs as established in section 3-1-3 of this code shall be charged back to the owner of the property.
   D.   The city may mow the lawn, landscape or grounds of any vacant building as needed if the plant growth violates city ordinance and the owner fails to timely cut the lawn. The owner shall pay the city for mowing the lawn at the rate established in section 3-1-3 of this code. (Ord. 2009-021, 9-21-2009; amd. Ord. 2017-01, 1-3-2017)
   E.   The city may plow sidewalks and driveways located on the vacant property, remove garbage from the vacant property, and take any other actions authorized by law to remedy an ordinance violation.
   F.   The city may conduct site inspections of the property upon which the vacant building is located as needed to ensure that the building is secure, the grounds are maintained and compliance with the terms of this chapter is achieved. (Ord. 2009-021, 9-21-2009)