A.   The owner of a vacant building shall register the building with the city no later than seven (7) days after the building becomes a "vacant building" as defined in this chapter.
   B.   The city may register an unoccupied building as a vacant building when the city takes ordinance enforcement action or action to abate an ordinance violation against the unoccupied building or the grounds upon which it is located. In such case, the city shall complete all forms required by this section and may special assess all registration costs against such property.
   C.   A registration shall be completed on a form provided by the city. Such completed registration may be sent to the owner and all other parties holding an ownership or security interest in the property. The completed form shall include the following:
      1.   A description of the premises including address.
      2.   The names and addresses of the owners of the property.
      3.   The names and addresses of all known lien holders.
      4.   The period of time the building is expected to remain vacant.
      5.   A plan or timetable for returning the building to appropriate occupancy.
   D.   The owner shall notify the city in writing of any changes in the information supplied as part of the vacant building registration within seven (7) days of such change.
   E.   The owner of the building shall keep the vacant building secured and safe and the building grounds maintained.
   F.   The owner shall disconnect utilities to the vacant building when required by the city building official.
   G.   Any new owner of a "vacant building" as defined by this chapter must notify the city in writing of the change of ownership within seven (7) days of the change of ownership.
   H.   The owner of a vacant building must allow the city access for inspections. The city will provide the owner with five (5) days' notice for any inspection request except where a hazardous or unsafe condition exists, in which case the city may access the vacant building for inspection purposes after making a reasonable effort to contact the owner via telephone. (Ord. 2009-021, 9-21-2009)