DANGEROUS STRUCTURE: A structure that is potentially hazardous to persons or property, including, but not limited to: a) a structure that is in danger of partial or complete collapse; b) a structure with any exterior parts that are loose or in danger of falling; or c) a structure with any parts, such as floors, porches, railings, ramps, balconies, or roofs, that are accessible and that are either collapsed, or in danger of collapsing or unable to support the weight of normally imposed loads.
SECURED BY OTHER THAN NORMAL MEANS: Refers to a building secured by means other than those used in the design of the building.
UNOCCUPIED: A building which is not being used for a legal occupancy.
UNSECURED: A building or portion of a building that is open to entry by unauthorized persons without the use of tools.
VACANT BUILDING: A building or portion of a building that is:
   A.   Unoccupied and unsecured for five (5) days or more;
   B.   Unoccupied and secured by other than normal means for fifteen (15) days or more;
   C.   Unoccupied and in any phase of an active foreclosure proceeding under Minnesota statutes;
   D.   Unoccupied and a dangerous structure;
   E.   Unoccupied and posted for no occupancy or unfit for human habitation;
   F.   Unoccupied and has a city code violation existing for five (5) days or more; or
   G.   Condemned and illegally occupied.
   H.   Vacant building does not mean any building being constructed pursuant to a valid, unexpired building permit issued pursuant to city building code regulations. (Ord. 2009-021, 9-21-2009)