10-8-2: FINDINGS:
The city council finds that buildings which remain vacant and unoccupied for any significant period of time become an attractive nuisance to children, a harborage for rodents, an invitation as a temporary abode, an increased fire hazard, an increased risk of explosion due to the theft of internal piping, and that the unkempt grounds surrounding such property invite the dumping of garbage and rubbish thereon; that such buildings are often permitted to become dilapidated; that such buildings contribute to the growth of blight within the city, depress market values of surrounding properties to the detriment of the various taxing districts and require additional governmental services; that the use and maintenance of property in such condition and manner endangers the public safety and health, constitutes an unreasonable use and condition to the annoyance, discomfort and repose of a considerable number of the public, is detrimental to the public good and to the common welfare; and renders a considerable number of the public insecure in the use and enjoyment of their property, and thus may constitute a nuisance condition. Adequate protection of public health, safety and welfare, therefore, requires the establishment and enforcement of the means by which such nuisance conditions may be abated. (Ord. 2009-021, 9-21-2009)