A.   Request For Inspection: Whenever a city official learns of a hazardous structure within the city, the building inspection department will be contacted and the city official will request an inspection of the structure. (Res. 1990-2, 5-21-1990; amd. 2005 Code)
   B.   Inspection Of Property; Report And Discussion With Owner: The building official will inspect the property and fill out a "demolition order-building official's report" commenting about the overall condition of the structure and take photographs of the site. The official shall attempt to informally discuss his inspection findings with the property owner at this time.
   C.   Determinations And Actions: If the building official's report demonstrates that the structure fits the legal and building code definition of a "hazardous building", as stated in Minnesota statutes section 463.15, subdivision 3, and poses a potential public hazard, subsections D through G of this section will be initiated. If the building is determined not to be hazardous, the building official will take necessary actions to remedy noted deficiencies and file his report, together with other documents on the subject property, for future reference.
   D.   Notice Of Dangerous Condition; Time For Compliance: The property owner, owner of record or lien holder will be contacted by letter to advise him of the city's concern that the building be repaired in accordance with applicable codes. A thirty (30) day period will be given to the property owner to provide time to resolve the matter informally without court action. At the end of the thirty (30) day period, the building official will reinspect to determine whether further action is necessary.
   E.   Failure To Comply; Information To City Attorney: If the thirty (30) day period expires without substantial improvement or demolition taking place, the building official's report, together with pictures and a copy of the letter submitted to the property owner, will be sent to the city attorney's office for the preparation of a resolution and demolition order for city council consideration. (Res. 1990-2, 5-21-1990)
   F.   Council Agenda Item: The item will be scheduled on the city council's agenda and the council shall be supplied, together with a cover memorandum summarizing the conditions of the demolition order, as well as any special circumstances that exist, a resolution, demolition order, building official's report, pictures and a copy of the letter originally received by the property owner.
   G.   Implementation Of Demolition Order: Upon adoption of the resolution, the order will be signed by the mayor and administrator and forwarded to the city attorney's office with a copy submitted to the building inspection department for the initiation of proceedings according to statute. (Res. 1990-2, 5-21-1990; amd. 2005 Code)