A.   Key Box: When access to or within a multi-housing building of three (3) or more units or other multi-housing, commercial or industrial structure, or an area is unduly difficult because of secured openings, or where immediate access is necessary for lifesaving or firefighting purposes, the Chief of the Fire Department may require a key box to be installed in an accessible location. The key box shall be a type approved by the Chief of the Fire Department and shall contain keys to gain necessary access as required by the Chief of the Fire Department. A fee as established in section 3-1-3 of this Code will be required. (Ord. 2018-01, 1-2-2018)
   B.   As Built Plans: No owner of any building hereafter erected or remodeled shall use, maintain or keep the same for commercial, industrial or multi-housing (other than two-unit dwellings) purposes unless there is on file in the Office of the City Clerk an eight and one-half inch by eleven inch (81/2" x 11") reproducible mylar as built print of each floor of the building. The City Clerk shall not issue a certificate of occupancy for any new or remodeled commercial, industrial or multi-housing building (other than two-unit dwellings) unless such mylars shall be on file. (Ord. 2000-12, 9-5-2000)