The following regulations shall apply to all city parks:
   A.   Speed Limit: No person shall operate a motor vehicle in any  park nor shall a motor vehicle be operated in any park driveway at a speed in excess of five (5) miles per hour unless otherwise posted.
   B.   Parking In Proper Areas: No person shall park any motor vehicle in any place in public parks except in designated parking areas, nor between the hours of ten o'clock (10:00) P.M. and six o'clock (6:00) A.M.
   C.   Fires: No fires shall be lighted or made in the park except in places provided for such purposes. All fires, whether wood or charcoal, must be completely extinguished before the person starting the fire leaves the area. (Ord. 1989-15, 10-2-1989)
   D.   Fireworks And Firearms: No person shall discharge any firearms in the city parks without a permit from the city administrator. No person shall discharge any fireworks in the city parks without a permit from the fire chief. (Ord. 1989-15, 10-2-1989; amd. 2005 Code)
   E.   Litter: No person shall scatter about or litter the grounds with any form of waste material.
   F.   Handbills And Posters: No person shall paste, affix or inscribe any handbill or poster on any structure or property in any of the parks or any place, square or roadway surrounding the same.
   G.   Nuisances; Decency Offenses: No person shall commit any nuisance or any offense against decency or public morals.
   H.   Throwing Objects Into Waters; Swimming: No person shall throw stones or rubbish of any kind in any lake, pool or watercourse nor bathe, swim or wade except in designated areas, and at designated times.
   I.   Damage To Property: No person shall break, cut, mutilate, injure, remove or carry away any tree, plant, flower, shrub, rock, soil, sand, fence, bench, table or any other property.
   J.   Defacing Property: No person shall write upon or mark or deface in any manner, or use in any improper way any property or thing pertaining to or in the parks. (Ord. 1989-15, 10-2-1989)
   K.   Beverage Containers: No person shall possess, display or use in any city park any beverage in a glass container, or containers. Only metal cans or plastic bottles for holding beverages or soft drinks shall be brought onto or possessed, displayed or used on city park property. (Ord. 1989-15, 10-2-1989; amd. 2005 Code)
   L.   Alcoholic Beverages Prohibited In Warming Houses: No person shall possess, display or use any alcoholic beverages (including so called 3.2 percent malt liquor) in any city building designated by the city council or used by the city as a "warming house" between the period of November 1 and ending the following April 30 of any year(s). The city administrator shall cause a notice of such designation and the prohibition provided in this subsection to be posted in any such warming house building. (Ord. 1990-1, 1-2-1990; amd. 2005 Code)
   M.   Park Animals: No person shall disturb or interfere with any animals kept or found therein. (Ord. 1989-15, 10-2-1989; amd. 2005 Code)
   N.   Dogs: No dogs shall be allowed in any of the parks except on a leash, and no owner or person in custody of a dog shall suffer or permit the dog to defecate upon public property without immediately removing the excrement and disposing of it in a sanitary manner 1 .
   O.   Sales Permits: No person shall sell any article whatever, unless he shall have a permit, lease or concession granted by the City Council.
   P.   Games In Proper Areas: No person shall play any game of baseball, football, golf or other game therein, except in areas provided therefor. (Ord. 1989-15, 10-2-1989)
   Q.   Closing Hours: The closing hour for the parks is ten o'clock (10:00) P.M., and all people will leave the park at or prior to that time unless special permission shall have been given by the City Administrator for parties to remain longer therein.
   R.   Obedience To Authorized Persons: All persons shall obey all reasonable orders or directions of the City Administrator. (Ord. 1989-15, 10-2-1989; amd. 2005 Code)
   S.   Tennis Courts: The following regulations pertain to all groups and/or individuals utilizing the tennis courts:
      1.   Use of courts is at the user's risk.
      2.   Courts are first come first serve; however, play must be limited to one hour if others are waiting.
      3.   No food, drinks, or glass containers on courts.
      4.   No pets.
      5.   No bicycles, roller blades or skate boards.
      6.   No sitting or hanging on nets.
      7.   No climbing on fence. (Ord. 2017-02, 5-15-2017)



1. See also sections 6-2-4 and 6-2-15 of this Code.