A.   Short Title: The title of this section is LOCATION OF MAIL AND PAPER BOXES.
   B.   Definitions: When used in this section, the following words and terms shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this subsection:
    BOXES: All mailboxes, paper boxes and advertising boxes wherein either mail is distributed, newspaper and magazines are distributed or advertising placed for the use of residents of the city.
   RURAL FARM AREAS: Those homes located on premises within the city limits with at least five (5) acres or more.
   C.   Streets Where Boxes Allowed: Boxes shall be allowed to be placed on the boulevard of all city streets, except those streets where the curb reaches the sidewalk and there is no boulevard.
   D.   Location Of Boxes On Streets:
      1.   All boxes shall be located on one side of the street, in a line of travel set by the post office. Boxes shall be located in the boulevard, a prescribed distance away from the curbing to allow easy access by the mail carrier.
      2.   Where there is more than one house on a city block, all boxes in the city block shall be located in a cluster. Where there are more than ten (10) houses in a block, two (2) equal clusters will be allowed. Paper boxes and advertising boxes must be located in the same cluster as mailboxes.
      3.   The cluster or clusters shall be centrally located in the middle of the homes to be served.
   E.   Exceptions: Excepted from the requirements of this section with respect to clustering shall be all rural farm areas of the city. (Ord. 1982-2, 8-30-1982)