A.   Fees: The owner or harborer of dogs, cats and other animals impounded shall be liable for all of the following fees:
      1.   Animal capture fee as established in section 3-1-3 of this code.
      2.   Impoundment fees incurred by the City for boarding and keeping the animal while impounded.
      3.   Charges and fees incurred by the City for transporting the animal to the animal impound facility.
The animal capture fees, impoundment fees and charges for transporting, boarding and keeping an animal may be modified by ordinance amendment of the City Council from time to time.
   B.   Release Form: The City Administrator or City Clerk shall deliver a release form to the owner or harborer of a dog after payment to the City of all fees and charges provided for herein, other than the boarding and keeping fees collected directly by the animal impound facility, which release form shall be displayed to the animal impound facility utilized by the City.
   C.   Disposition Of Unredeemed Animals: If, at the end of six (6) days after said impounding, the dog or other animal has not been redeemed, it may be sold at private sale, or the keeper of the pound may dispose of the dog or other animal in a humane manner. (Ord. 2007-04, 4-2-2007; amd. Ord. 2017-01, 1-3-2017; Ord. 2021-11, 8-2-2021)