The following terms, as used in this chapter, have the meanings as indicated:
ALUMINUM RECYCLABLES: Disposable containers fabricated primarily of aluminum, commonly used for soda, beer, or other beverages.
CAN RECYCLABLES: All disposable containers primarily of metal or tin.
COLLECTION: The aggregation of recyclable materials from the place at which it is generated and includes all activities up to the time when the waste is delivered to the facility designated by the owner of the multiple-family dwelling.
CORRUGATED CARDBOARD: Cardboard material with double wall construction and corrugated separation between walls.
DESIGNATED RECYCLABLES: The following recyclable materials: aluminum recyclables, can recyclables, glass recyclables, paper recyclables, plastic bottle recyclables, and corrugated cardboard.
GLASS RECYCLABLES: Unbroken jars, bottles, and containers which are primarily used for packing and bottling of various matter.
MULTIPLE-FAMILY DWELLINGS: A building or portion thereof containing eight (8) or more dwelling units.
PAPER RECYCLABLES: Newsprint, office paper, and other uncoated paper products. The term does not include paper products with a waxy, polished, or glossy surface, such as glossy magazines, and does not include paper products that are bound together with glue, such as telephone books.
PLASTIC BOTTLE RECYCLABLES: All disposable bottles fabricated from plastic. (Ord. 1992-2, 2-18-1992)