The following are hereby declared to be nuisances affecting public morals and decency:
   A.   Gambling:
      1.   Any gambling device not authorized by state law and not properly permitted by the appropriate jurisdiction, including, but not limited to, slot machines and punchboards.
      2.   Betting or bookmaking not allowed by state law, and all apparatus used in such operations.
   B.   Disorderly Houses: All houses kept for the purpose of prostitution or promiscuous sexual intercourse, gambling houses, houses of ill fame, and bawdyhouses.
   C.   Premises Manufacturing, Dispensing Or Selling Liquor Or Drugs Illegally: All places where intoxicating liquor or illegal drugs are manufactured, dispensed or disposed of in violation of law or where, in violation of law, persons are permitted for the purpose of drinking intoxicating liquor or ingesting or otherwise using illegal drugs, or where intoxicating liquor or illegal drugs are kept for sale or other disposition in violation of law, and all liquor, illegal drugs, and other property used for maintaining such places.
   D.   Vehicles Used For Illegal Purposes: Any vehicle used for the illegal transportation of intoxicating liquor and/or illegal drugs, or for prostitution and/or other immoral or illegal purpose. (2005 Code)