COLLECTOR: A person licensed by the city to collect, transport and dispose of garbage and refuse. The term shall include the collector's duly authorized and acting employees and agents.
GARBAGE: Putrescible animal and vegetable wastes resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking and consumption of food, and from the handling, storage and sale of produce, but does not include recyclable materials.
GARBAGE AND REFUSE COLLECTION: The taking up and collecting of all garbage and refuse accumulated at all dwelling residences and places of business and other institutions in the city and the transportation of such garbage and refuse to a sanitary landfill or other place of disposal approved by the city and provided by the collector at the sole expense of the collector.
WASTE: Garbage, refuse, or rubbish but shall not include reusable or recyclable industrial waste products, or other recyclable materials.
WASTE CONTAINER: A container of galvanized iron, plastic or noncorrodible material with a close fitting cover, rodent and flyproof, nonabsorbent, and leakproof, of the type commonly sold as a garbage can, of suitable gauge and construction to ensure durability and with suitable handles on can and lid and of a capacity not less than ten (10) gallons but does not include recycling containers. (Ord. 2017-04, 6-5-2017)