A.   Operation on Public Property: It shall be unlawful for any MFU to sell or operate on any public lands or public right of way within the City except as specifically authorized in the City Code.
   B.   Operation on Private Property: No MFU shall operate or be operated within the city from a stationary location on private property at any location where such sales would not be permitted by the zoning ordinance or without first obtaining the written consent of the property owner or occupant. The written consent must accompany the license application.
   C.   Signs: No signage shall violate the provisions of the City Code relating to size and number of business signs.
   D.   MFU sites shall be kept in a neat and orderly manner, and shall adhere to the following site requirements:
      1.   Trash and/or recycling collection and cleanup must be provided.
      2.   MFUs must provide independent power supply which is screened from view. Generators are permitted.
      3.   MFUs cannot obstruct the movement of pedestrians or vehicles or pose a hazard to public safety.
      4.   MFUs shall be located on an asphalt or concrete surface.
      5.   MFUs may not be located within two hundred feet (200') of existing restaurants or coffee shops, as measured from the MFU to the food service building. However, MFUs may be permitted within two hundred feet (200') of existing food establishments within the same shopping center, with permission from the shopping center’s owner.
      6.   MFUs must close during adverse weather conditions when shelter is not provided.
      7.   MFU shall comply with all applicable Minnesota State Fire Code Sections and as regulated by the Albertville Fire Chief.
      8.   MFU must comply with the National Fire Protection Association’s Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations.
      9.   Propane tanks must be attached or secured to the MFU and must be adequately ventilated.
      10.   MFU must have at least one (1) 2A:20BC fire extinguisher in the MFU. If deep frying occurs in the MFU, then the MFU must have a least one (1) Class K Fire extinguisher in the unit. Each fire extinguisher must display an inspection tag dated within the past 12 month.
   E.   MFUs must be located on private property, and the applicant must provide written consent from the property owner. However, MFUs may be located in a public park with approval from the City, and ice cream trucks are allowed to operate within the public right of way in residential districts.
   F.   No MFU license shall be transferred to any other person or party other than to whom it was issued.
(Ord. 2004-14; amd. Ord. 2021-04, 3-15-2021)