A.   A site plan or survey of property is required for all special events occurring in the City of Albertville. Aspects of the special event that shall be included in the site plan include the location of:
      1.   Buildings.
      2.   Parking areas and circulation routes.
      3.   Tents.
      4.   Displays.
      5.   Stages.
      6.   Security.
      7.   Medical facilities.
      8.   Fire hydrants, fire key boxes, and fire department connections.
      9.   Lighting.
      10.   Food/drink areas.
      11.   Fencing.
      12.   Solid waste disposal areas.
   B.   Site plans shall be submitted to Albertville city staff for review and approval prior to issuance of the special event permit. (Ord. 2019-08, 9-16-2019)