A.   Permit Required: No person, except those with an outdoor special event permit, shall directly or indirectly host a special event within the City.
   B.   Application for Permit: The application for the permit provided for in this section shall be made to the city clerk by filing the application and paying the license fee and by completing an application form as provided by the city clerk. In addition to such information as the city clerk may require, the application shall include:
      1.   The name of the applicant and property owner along with signatures for agreement to terms and conditions of the special event permit application.
      2.   The permanent home address and full local address of the applicant and property owner, and the permanent and local telephone numbers of the applicant and property owner.
      3.   Proof of an Insurance policy for the special event.
      4.   If intoxicating liquor is sold on site, the applicant shall follow all regulations set forth in Title 4, Chapter 1, Alcoholic Beverages in the Albertville City Code.
      5.   If commercial food services are provided, the applicant shall comply with the MFU (Mobile Food Unit) requirements of Section 4-4-6 F in the Albertville City Code.
      6.   If signs for special event are needed, plans shall be submitted for city staff review and shall follow all regulations set forth in Albertville City Code Title 10, Chapter 7, Sign Regulations.
      7.   A form of public notice such as a flyer or door tag shall be distributed to residents affected by the special event after approval of permit.
      8.   If outdoor seasonal sales are included in the special event, a brief description of what is being sold and the location of the merchant on site shall be provided. Outdoor seasonal sales are regulated in section 4-8-5 of the Albertville City Code and shall be followed.
      9.   A brief written description of:
         a.   The nature or purpose of the special event, what the event will be titled, estimated amount of people attending and the applicant's method of operation.
         b.   The location of the special event including address or PID number.
         c.   Noise mitigation techniques on site. Noise control is regulated in the Albertville City Code under Title 5, Chapter 5, in which the applicant shall follow with the exception of Musical Performances under Section 5-5-3.
         d.   The location of where on site intoxicating liquor will be sold and consumed and at what time of the day.
         e.   Dates for when the set up and take down of materials will occur.
         f.   Fire protection and prevention methods including locations of portable fire extinguishers, site and floor plans of the event showing seating arrangement, and fire exit plans.
         g.   The location and type of fencing used for the special event.
         h.   Food services provided for the event and vendor names.
         i.   Lighting plans including location of light sources.
         j.   Medical facilities provided on site.
         k.   Event parking areas, street closures, traffic circulation routes and pedestrian paths provided for the special event for review by city staff.
         l.   Crowd control and security methods including number of security guards during event and location of security.
         m.   Solid waste disposal including portable toilets, trash containers, or other facilities and location.
         n.   The number, size and location of tents on site.
         o.   The precise timing of the event including calendar dates and time of day the special event begins and ends.
         p.   What is being sold at the event and the location of the merchant on site shall be provided.
         q.   Signs advertising the special event.
         r.   Neighborhood notification including door tags or flyers alerting residents that will be affected of the event. (Ord. 2019-08, 9-16-2019)