For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   BIDDER. The person or corporation submitting a bid proposal for service outlined herein.
   CONTRACTOR. The person or corporation with whom the town enters into a contract for services outlined herein.
   CURB LINE. Edge of street or alley, if no curb exists.
   DWELLING UNIT. A single-family residence and each apartment shall be considered a separate family residence; also, each trailer is to be a single- family residence.
   GARBAGE. All refuse of animal, fish, fowl, fruit, or vegetable matter that results from the preparation, use, cooking, retail, or wholesale dealing in, or storing of meat, fish, fowl, fruit, or vegetable and shall exclude offals, trimmings, and scraps of butcher shops or meat markets. It shall further mean and include tin cans, glass, bottles, and broken crockery which have been used as food or beverage holders.
   HOUSEHOLD RUBBISH. Household goods, refuse, furniture, springs, mattresses, tin cans, bottles, crockery, broken glass, rags, grass cuttings, and other similar debris, hedge cuttings, and shrubbery trimmings bundled, boxed, or otherwise contained, furnace pipe, stoves, water boilers, trunks, incinerator refuse and cold ashes of all kinds, wood not over 36 inches in length, all rubbish, trash, debris, waste, litter, scrap, packings, excelsior, straw, metal cooking utensils, toys, porcelain, carpeting, leather, rubber, shoes, clothing, cardboard, household appliances, tree trimmings, trees, and broken limbs under 36 inches in length. Excluded will be garbage, broken concrete, and other refuse from repairs, alterations, and new construction of buildings and sidewalks, tree limbs, and trunks over 30 inches in length, debris from commercial or industrial establishments, and material which cannot be handled easily by two men.
    OPEN GATE DUMPING PRIVILEGE. Any resident of the town shall have free access to contractor’s landfill at all times without extra charge, excluding commercial trash haulers.
   RESIDENCE or PROPERTY. Business and/or commercial property.
   RUBBISH. All rags, broken glass, crockery bottles, tin cans, paper, grass cuttings and similar household refuse, including cold ashes from incinerators, burners, heating plants and stoves. Generally included are household discards that can be contained in a covered 30 gallon container or plastic bags.
(Ord. 1977-16, passed 11-7-77)