The town animal control officer, humane officer or any other police officer may pick up and impound any animal found to be, or being kept, within the corporate limits of the town:
   (A)   In violation of any provision of this chapter;
   (B)   In violation of I.C. 35-46-3-1 (failure of a dog over six months of age to be immunized against rabies);
   (C)   In violation of I.C. 15-5-9-13 (a dog over six months of age not wearing a township dog tax tag after June 15 of any year in which the dog first becomes subject to the tax or a dog straying beyond its premises not accompanied by a controlling person);
   (D)   In violation of I.C. 35-46-3-12 (cruelty to animals); or
   (E)   In violation of any other town ordinance, statute or special regulation imposed by the State or County Board of Health, State Veterinarian or similar competent authorities.
(`86 Code, § 3-5-17) (Ord. passed 7-17-84; Am. Ord. 86-C5, passed 7-15-86)