§ 51.086 TAP CHARGES.
   (A)   Public storm sewers. For a permit to make a direct connection of any private storm drain or other drain carrying unpolluted waters into a municipally operated storm sewer or drain, a permit and inspection fee of$25 shall be paid to the town at the time application is made. The fee is refundable in full if the permit is denied. The revenues from this fee are considered general revenues of the town and not as revenues of the sewage works and will accrue to the General Fund. (`86 Code, § 2-3-2)
   (B)   Public sanitary or combined sewers. For initially tapping into any sanitary or combined sewer owned or operated by the town, the person requesting the connection shall pay a connection charge of $600 to the town. This charge applies to all user classes and is payable at the time a connection permit is applied for and before any tap is made. In the event the permit is denied, the charge shall be refunded in full. The connection charge covers all costs and services of the town in relation to making the tap and also includes and is in lieu of all other permit and inspection fees. Revenues from this charge shall be considered as net revenues of the sewage works and distributed in the same manner as other sewage works revenues. (`86 Code, § 2-3-3)
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