(A)   Whereas the town from time to time incurs various recurrent charges and similar regular or necessary expenses which are legal obligations of the town and/or for which appropriations have been duly made, but for which claims may be made and payment come due prior to the Town Council's next meeting to formally allow claims, the Clerk-Treasurer is authorized when the circumstances occur to issue warrants against the respective funds and appropriations and make timely payment of the charges and expenses as hereinafter described. Expenses and charges which may be paid prior to formal claim allowance under authority of this section, if necessary, are:
      (1)   Salaries and wages of civil town or utility officers and employees;
      (2)   Other payroll-related charges and obligations such as county, state and federal tax withholding remittances, Social Security contributions or pension fund contributions;
      (3)   Other state or federal tax obligations;
      (4)   Utility bills;
      (5)   Postage;
      (6)   Insurance premiums;
      (7)   Regular banking and financial institution service charges;
      (8)   Rental charges on any leased property, buildings or equipment;
      (9)   Interest or mature principal on outstanding civil town or utility obligations;
      (10)   Any periodic payments required to be made under the provisions of any contractual agreement previously approved and entered into by the Town Council, unless a stipulation of the contract makes each such payment expressly conditional upon the prior review and approval of the Town Council; and
      (11)   Any other obligatory payments due in accordance with provisions of state and federal statute or town ordinances.
   (B)   The Town Council shall allow or approve claims and payments honored and made by the Clerk-Treasurer under authority of this section at its next meeting at which the claims would ordinarily be considered, and such allowance or approval shall be construed as full ratification and legalization of the action of the Clerk-Treasurer in accordance with the provisions of I.C. 36-1-4-16. However, no payment, allowance or approval granted pursuant to this section bars any further action of the town to recover any amounts from any person to whom payment is made hereunder if it is subsequently discovered that the payments were not properly owing, were excessive or otherwise erroneous.
(`86 Code, § 9-3-7) (Ord. 86-C16, passed 9-30-86)