13.60.040  Encroachment Permit Requirement.
Any person who desires to install or place a newsrack within the public right-of-way must first obtain an encroachment permit.  The submittal of the list by the distributor or publisher shall constitute the application for the encroachment permit.  No fee will be charged for the permit and annual update reports.
Notwithstanding any other provision of this Chapter, newsracks shall be permitted in the public right-of-way of a public street adjoining land zoned for residential use only if the street is a major arterial as shown in the transportation element of the General Plan.  The Public Works Director or his authorized representative shall keep a current registration of all encroachment permits, including name of permit holder, address, telephone number, date of issued permit and location of nuisance.
The applicant must submit a copy of a current business license certificate issued by the City pursuant to Title 5 of this Code before an encroachment permit may be issued.