13.60.010  Purpose.
   A.   The uncontrolled placement of newsracks in public rights-of-way presents an inconvenience and danger to the safety of persons using such rights-of-way, including pedestrians, persons entering and leaving vehicles and buildings, and persons performing essential utility, traffic control and emergency services.
   B.   Newsracks located as to cause on inconvenience or danger to persons using public rights-of-way, and unsightly newsracks located therein, constitute public nuisances.
   C.   The uncontrolled proliferation of newsracks detracts from the appearance of streets, sidewalks and adjacent business.
   D.   The uncontrolled placement of newsracks may inhibit safe entry and departure of vehicles, public and private.
   E.   The uncontrolled placement of newsracks impairs the vision and distracts the attention of motorists and pedestrians, particularly small children, and may cause injury to the person or property of such persons.
   F.   The placement of newsracks without a permit based on the detailed findings in public rights-of-way adjacent to residential areas detracts from and reduces neighborhood aesthetics and increases the exposure of residents to noise, traffic volume and hazards and congestion.
   G.   The uncontrolled placement of newsracks increases the civil exposure of the City to personal injury and property damages claims.
   H.   City-controlled placement of newsracks provides for and maintains the freedom of speech and press for newspapers and news periodicals using dispensing devices for distribution devices.
   I.   This Chapter is enacted in pursuance of and for the purpose of securing and promoting the public safety and general welfare of persons in the City in their use of public rights-of-way.