13.25.110  Permits.
   A.   Issuance of Permit Public Record.  If the applicant for a permit complies with every provision of this Chapter and with all applicable provisions of all other ordinances and statutes, the City Engineer shall issue to the applicant a written permit to perform the work set forth in the application.  Upon the issuance of such permit the application shall become a public record.
   B.   Imposition of Conditions or Changes by City Engineer.
      1.   Any permit authorized under any of the provisions of this Chapter may be issued subject to such conditions, changes and limitations as are, in the discretion of the City Engineer, necessary for the protection of the City facility, or to prevent undue interference with traffic, or to protect both persons and property within, upon or adjacent to said City facility from damage or danger.
      2.   The City Engineer may issue a single permit for any number of excavations which are part of a single project.  The permit may be exercised by giving not less than forty-eight (48) hours notice to the City Engineer on a form to be prescribed by the City Engineer before work is commenced.
   C.   Reservation of the Power to Change the Conditions After Permit Issued.  Any permit issued by the City Engineer under any of the provisions of this Chapter or the conditions to which it has been made subject, may be amended or changed if the City Engineer deems such amendment or change to be necessary for the protection of a City facility, or to prevent undue interference, or to protect both persons and property.  Notification of the amendment or change shall be made by the City Engineer either by mailing written notice to the permittee at the address indicated on his application for the permit or by making personal service of said written notice upon the permittee.  The amendment or change shall be effective either twenty-four (24) hours after said written notice is deposited in the United States mail or immediately upon completion of personal service.
   D.   Commencement and Completion of Work.  Every permittee shall complete the work within the time required by the permit.  Permits issued hereunder shall be valid only for the period of time specified in the permits, unless the City Engineer grants a time extension.
   E.   Refusal to Issue Permit.  The City Engineer may refuse to issue permits or may revoke any outstanding permits heretofore or hereafter issued, or any portion thereof, where the work has not been started, when file work authorized by the permits, or such portions thereof is included in the proposed work to be done, by any existing assessment district, or by any proposed assessment district for which formation proceedings have been instituted by the City Council.
   F.   Nontransferability of Permits.  Permits issued pursuant to this Chapter are nontransferable.
   G.   Permits Subject to the Use of the City Facilities by Others.  Every permit granted pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter shall be granted subject to the right of the City or of any other person entitled thereto, to use that part of such City facility for any purpose for which such City facility may lawfully be used.