13.25.100  Fees, Deposits and Bonds.
   A.   Payment.  Except as otherwise provided in this Chapter, the City Engineer shall not issue any permit until all deposits and issuance fees have been paid.
   B.   Issuance Fees not Refundable.  The issuance fees required by the provisions of this Chapter are for the purpose of defraying the cost of issuing the requested permit.  No part of any issuance fee may be refunded to any applicant.
   C.   Deposit in Funds.  Issuance fees and charges for repairs, inspection or engineering collected under the provisions of this Chapter shall be deposited in the respective funds from which the corresponding disbursements are made.
   D.   Extra Deposits and Bonds.  If, in the opinion of the City Engineer, any special or general deposit, or any undertaking or any combination thereof is not sufficient for the proper protection of the public interest in the highways, including any trees thereon, the City Engineer may require either an additional deposit or an increase in the amount of the bond in such amount as he determines will be sufficient to protect such public interest.
   E.   Insufficient Deposits.
      1.   Where any deposit is determined to be insufficient to pay all fees and costs provided for in this Chapter, the permittee shall, upon demand, pay to the commissioner an amount equal to the deficiency.
      2.   Where the permittee fails or refuses to pay the deficiency upon demand, the City Engineer may recover the deficiency by appropriate action in any court of competent jurisdiction.  Until such deficiency is paid in full, no permit shall be issued to such permittee.