8.30.070  Noxious Growth.
No person, owning or having control or charge or occupancy of any lot or private premises, shall allow weeds, vines, shrubs or brush which bear seeds of wingy or downy nature, which attain such a large growth as to become afire menace when dry, or which contain poisonous oils, or which are otherwise noxious or dangerous to the life, health, comfort or convenience of the community, to grow or remain upon such lot or private premises.
No person shall sow or disseminate, or allow or permit to mature; or sell in any manner, transfer, transport or convey, any noxious weed or any seed thereof.
No person owning, managing, or having charge or control of or occupancy of any lot or private premises shall suffer or permit any weeds, grass, rank growth or brush to grow or exist in excess of twelve (12) inches above the grade in the area of growth.  It is the duty of every such person to prevent such growth or existence.  In any prosecution for violation of this Subsection, it shall not be necessary to establish any facts excepting that the person accused owned, managed or had charge, control or occupancy of a lot or private premises whereon such condition existed, to establish the guilt of such person.