8.40.010   Purpose and Findings.
   A.   The City Council of the City of Adelanto recognizes that the preservation of existing rental housing stock is of tremendous importance as is ensuring future rental housing stock. Rental housing provides needed, affordable housing for many and is a valuable asset that must be preserved and maintained. The City has a significant interest in ensuring that rental housing remains a desirable housing option for its citizens.
   B.   Over time rental housing often deteriorates because of intentional and unintentional neglect by property owners, managers and tenants. This deterioration often results in substandard conditions that adversely affect the economic values of neighboring structures, and that are hazardous to the public health and safety. In many cases, property owners choose not to make the necessary repairs because of cost, and tenants do not report the deficiencies out of lack of knowledge or because they fear being evicted for doing so.
   C.   The public interest demands that all rental housing properties comply with the minimum standards regarding the health and safety of the public. The most effective way to seek universal compliance with the minimum standards is through routine periodic inspections of all rental housing properties. Accordingly, it is the intent of the Adelanto City Council to enact the provisions of this chapter as the basis for establishing a rental housing inspection program aimed at securing City-wide compliance of rental housing properties with minimum standards. City-wide compliance will prevent blight and ensure that all persons who live in rental housing units are provided decent, safe and sanitary housing.
[Ord. No. 534, 5/13/15; Am. Ord. 536, Section 1, 10/28/15.]