8.01.030  Subscription to Collection Service or Self-Hauling.
   A.   Arrangements for Removal of Solid Waste Mandatory.  Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, the owner, property manager, tenant and/or person in charge or control of each residential premises and each commercial premises in the City shall either (i) subscribe to solid waste handling services with a franchisee for said premises; or (ii) obtain and maintain registration as a self-hauler as set forth in this chapter in connection with said premises.
   B.   Exception; Vacant Premises.  The above requirement to provide for solid waste handling services shall not apply in connection with any residential premises at which all dwelling units are vacant, or commercial premises that are vacant, for a period of one hundred twenty (120) days or more, provided this exception shall only apply during the period of vacancy. Any person seeking to avail himself/herself of the exception provided herein shall bear the burden of providing reasonable evidence to City, pursuant to such regulations or guidelines as the City Manager is hereby authorized to develop, demonstrating the premises was vacant for the period in question.
[Ord. No. 499, 5/26/10.]