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21.04  DUTIES.
The duties of the City Administrator are as follows:
   1.   Supervise enforcement and execution of the City ordinances and resolutions and applicable State and federal laws and regulations within the City.
   2.   Attend all meetings of the Council unless excused by the Mayor or a majority of Council members.
   3.   Recommend to the Council such measures as may be necessary or expedient for the good government and welfare of the City.
   4.   Have the general supervision and direction of the administration of the City government.
   5.   Supervise and conduct the business affairs of the City and cause accurate records to be kept by modern and efficient accounting methods.
   6.   Supervise the performance of all contracts for work to be done for the City, supervise all purchases of material, supplies and equipment, and insure that such material, supplies and equipment are received and are of the quality and character called for by the contract.
   7.   Supervise the construction, improvement, repair, maintenance and management of all City property, capital improvements and undertakings of the City, including the making and preservation of all surveys, maps, plans, drawings, specifications and estimates for capital improvements.
   8.   Be directly responsible to the Council for the administration of municipal affairs as set forth in this chapter.  All departments of the City shall report and be responsible to the City Administrator except for the Police Department, which shall report to the Mayor.  All departmental activity requiring the attention of the Council shall be brought before the Council by the City Administrator and all Council policy, concerning administration, shall be coordinated through the City Administrator.
   9.   Supervise and direct, through established procedures, all officers, departments and employees of the City, specifically including but not limited to fire, streets, sewers, waste disposal and central administration.  To effectuate this responsibility, the City Administrator shall have the power and authority to employ such assistants and other employees for the City for which the Council has approved the position generally.
   10.   Represent the City, as directed by the Council, in all negotiations and relations with employees, contractors, consultants, other governmental units and civic organizations in which the City may have an interest.
   11.   Cooperate with, assist and advise all administrative agencies, City boards, and commissions and act as the Council’s liaison and representative to such entities, and to assign staff to attend and/or attend City boards and commissions meetings and assure a correct record of the proceedings are taken.
   12.   Investigate the performance and conduct of any department agency, officer or employee of the City, as deemed appropriate.
   13.   Supervise and assist City boards, commissions and all City departments in the preparation, administration and operation of the City’s annual budget.
   14.   Make to the Council periodic reports on the general condition of the City in writing at such intervals as the Council directs.
   15.   Advise, assist, and consult with the City Attorney on all City legal matters.
   16.   Formulate and recommend employment and personnel policies, compensation schedules and benefits; to prepare and maintain job descriptions for all City employees, all with the approval of the Council.
   17.   Make recommendations to the Council and to participate in projects and endeavors to support and promote economic growth and development in the City.
   18.   Represent faithfully the Council and the City in intergovernmental relations.
   19.   Have the power to employ, reclassify, discipline, or suspend any employee under the City Administrator’s direct control.  The City Administrator shall also have the power to employ, reclassify, discipline, suspend or discharge any employee under the supervision and control of any department head, but only with the concurrence of the department head.  The City Administrator shall not have the authority to employ or appoint, reclassify, discipline, suspend or discharge the Police Chief, Fire Chief, or the City Attorney.  However, the City Administrator shall, when appropriate, recommend to the Council or Mayor action regarding such appointed officers or employees of the City and shall also recommend to and seek direction from the Council or Mayor when the City Administrator and a department head are not in agreement in regard to the employment, reclassification, suspension, discipline or discharge of a City employee.
   20.   Appoint, subject to Council approval, the Building Official.
   21.   Perform such other duties as the Mayor or Council may direct.