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The Finance Director or, in the Finance Director’s absence or inability to act, the City Clerk has the powers and duties as provided in this chapter, this Code of Ordinances, and the law.
   1.   Conduct the business affairs of the City and cause accurate records to be kept by modern and efficient accounting methods.
   2.   Keep the Council fully advised of the financial and other conditions of the City and of its future needs.
   3.   Compile and maintain current and up-to-date information regarding all funding sources of the City, including State and federal grant and loan programs; plan, develop, prepare and submit, with approval and at the direction of the Council, applications for grants, loans and other sources of funding and administer all such funding.
(Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13 [4])
   4.   Keep the record of each fund separate. 
   5.   Keep an accurate record of all money or securities received by the Finance Director on behalf of the City and specify the date, from whom, and for what purpose received. 
   6.   Keep an accurate account of all disbursements, money, or property, specifying date, to whom, and from what fund paid. 
   7.   Keep a separate account of all money received by the Finance Director from special assessments. 
   8.   Upon receipt of moneys to be held in the Finance Director’s custody and belonging to the City, deposit the same in depositories selected by the Council.
   9.   Reconcile depository statements with the Finance Director’s books and certify monthly to the Council the balance of cash and investments of each fund and amounts received and disbursed.