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For purposes of these regulations, certain terms or words used herein shall be interpreted as follows:
   1.   “Alley” means a minor way, dedicated to the public use, which is used primarily for vehicular access to the back or the side of properties otherwise abutting on a street.
   2.   “Block” means a piece or parcel of land entirely surrounded by public highways, streets, streams, railroad right-of-way, parks, etc., or a combination thereof.
   3.   “Building line” means a line on a plat generally parallel to the street right-of-way, indicating the limit beyond which buildings or structures may not be erected.
   4.   “City Engineer” means the City official responsible for the design, supervision and maintenance of all public works of the City or a duly authorized consulting engineer retained by the City.
   5.   “Cul-de-sac” means a minor street having one end open to traffic and being permanently terminated by a vehicular turn-around.
   6.   “Days” refers to calendar days.
   7.   “Developer” means the owner, or agent under legal authority of the owner, or owners who undertake to cause a parcel of land to be designed, constructed, and recorded as a subdivision.  This term may be used interchangeably with the term “subdivider.”
   8.   “Easement” means a grant by the property owner to the public, a corporation, or persons, of the use of a parcel of land for a specific purpose.
   9.   “Final plat” means a drawing to engineering accuracy and containing the items specified by these regulations indicating the layout of lots, blocks and public ways in a completed and improved subdivision along with legal papers required for recording.
   10.   “General plan” means the plan or series of plans for the future development of the City and approved, as may be required, as the guide for future development.  Such plan may alternatively be called by such descriptive terms as a master plan, a comprehensive plan, or a development plan.
   11.   “Improvements” means changes and additions to land necessary to prepare it for building sites, and including street paving and curbing, grading, monuments, drainage ways, sewers, fire hydrants, water mains, sidewalks, pedestrian ways, and other public works and appurtenances.
   12.   “Lot” means a portion of a subdivision, or other parcel of land, intended as a unit for transfer or for development.
   13.   “Pedestrian way” means a right-of-way dedicated to public use, which cuts across a block to facilitate pedestrian access to adjoining streets or properties.
   14.   “Planning Commission” means the Planning and Zoning Commission of Adel.
   15.   “Plat” means a map drawn to scale from an accurate survey and including items set forth herein along with all certificates and statements required herein and by statute, for the purpose of recording as a subdivision of land. Without modifying adjectives it refers to land subdivision documents which have been officially recorded.  In appropriate context a plat may refer to the land represented by a recorded plat and may be synonymous with the word “subdivision.”  It may also be used as a verb referring to the act of preparing a plat.
   16.   “Preliminary plat” means a drawing with supporting documents which represents a proposal upon which a final plat is to be based.  A preliminary plat is not intended as a document to be filed of record.
   17.   “Replat” or “resubdivision” means a plat representing land which has previously been included in a recorded plat.
   18.   “Street” means a right-of-way, dedicated to public use, which affords a primary means of access to the abutting property.
   19.   “Street, arterial” means a street of considerable continuity connecting various sections of the City, or a street primarily designated for heavy traffic.
   20.   “Street, collector” means a street which carries traffic from a local or residential street to an arterial street.
   21.   “Street, local or residential” means a street which is used primarily for access to the abutting properties.
   22.   “Street, service” means a local or residential street or frontage road which is approximately parallel to and adjacent to or part of an arterial street and provides access to the abutting properties and protection from through traffic.
   23.   “Subdivider” means the person or firm causing a plat to be prepared.
   24.   “Subdivision” means a parcel of land which has been platted; the act of preparing a plat.
All other terms used in these regulations shall have their normal meaning, except that terms common to engineering and surveying shall be used in their professional sense.