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The City Council may approve a smaller number of parking spaces than required in the above table as part of a special land use approach, subject to the following.
   1.   The owner can demonstrate that the required number of parking spaces is excessive.
   2.   An area of sufficient size to meet the deferred number of parking spaces, along with the access drive, aisles, and other required parking lot features, shall be retained as open space.
   3.   A deferred parking site plan shall identify the area where parking is being deferred, including dimensions and dotted parking lot layout.
   4.   Storm water management requirements shall be based on the required parking to ensure adequate capacity if an expansion is necessary.
   5.   The owner agrees in writing to construct the deferred parking within the time frame designated by the Council upon written request from the Council.
   6.   There is sufficient evidence that a “green” or “sustainable” standard can justify the reduction of parking spaces and impervious surfacing.