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   1.   Purpose.  The purpose of this district is to provide space for modern landscaped industrial and commercial establishments which create limited or no hazards, noise, vibrations, smoke, dust, odors, heat, glare or other objectionable influences which would be offensive beyond the boundaries of the industrially zoned lot.   
   2.   Permitted Uses.  Only those uses providing office or industrial services; manufacturing, processing, or assembly of materials or substances into new products; engaged in wholesale trade; or warehousing that are listed below shall be permitted, subject to compliance with all of the provisions of this M-1 District.
      A.   Apparel and finished products made from fabrics.
      B.   Printing, publishing and allied industries.
      C.   Boot and shoe cut stock and findings.
      D.   Leather gloves and mittens.
      E.   Glass and plastic products made of purchased glass or plastic.
      F.   Scientific and research instruments.
      G.   Measuring and controlling instruments.
      H.   Optical instruments and equipment.
      I.   Instruments, surgical, medical and dental.
      J.   Ophthalmic goods.
      K.   Photographic equipment (except film and chemicals).
      L.   Watches, clocks and parts.
      M.   Jewelry, silverware and plated ware.
      N.   Musical instruments and parts.
      O.   Toys, amusement, sporting and athletic goods (except guns, howitzers, mortars, firearms and related equipment).
      P.   Pens, pencils, office and artists supplies.
      Q.   Costume jewelry, miscellaneous notions.
      R.   Research laboratories.
      S.   Research agencies.
      T.   Trade schools.
      U.   Public utility and service uses.
      V.   Radio and television stations.
      W.   Warehousing and truck terminals.
      X.   Communication towers with a maximum height of 150 feet. 
      Y.   Storage facilities.
   3.   Accessory Uses.  Uses clearly subordinate and customarily incidental to the principal use shall be permitted subject to the standards set forth in Subsection 5. 
   4.   Conditional Uses.
      A.   Restaurants and other retail uses.
      B.   Air, railroad, freight terminals, railroad switching and classification yards, repair shops and roundhouses.
      C.   Institutions for the care or treatment of alcoholics, drug addict patients, or the mentally disturbed.
      D.   Penal and correctional institutions.
      E.   Sewage treatment plants.
      F.   Stadiums, auditoriums, and arenas – open or enclosed.
      G.   Other manufacturing, processing, storage or commercial uses determined by the Planning and Zoning Commission to be of the same general character as the uses permitted in this district and found not to be obnoxious, unhealthful or offensive by reason of the potential omission or transmission of noise, vibration, smoke, dust, odors, toxic or noxious matter, glare, heat, fire or explosive hazards.
      H.   Animal shelters and kennels.
      I.   Off-premises signs, as limited by the sign ordinance to replacement of existing legally nonconforming off-premises signs.
      J.   All other uses of a similar character as may be determined by the Board of Adjustment.
      K.   Public Facilities.
   5.   Performance Standards.
      A.   All outdoor storage of products or materials shall be effectively screened from adjacent streets and properties.
      B.   All refuse collection areas shall be fully enclosed by a six-foot high opaque wood fence or masonry wall.
      C.   Where the lot abuts property zoned for residential use, a buffer shall be provided adjacent to such property.
      D.   A minimum of 15 percent of the lot in addition to required landscape setbacks and buffer yards shall be maintained as open space landscaped with grass, trees, shrubs, and other plant material.