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   1.   Purpose.  This district is intended to provide for certain areas of the City for the development of service, retail and other non-residential uses, excluding industrial and agricultural uses.  It is intended to permit small scale commercial uses compatible with adjacent residential neighborhoods. 
   2.   Permitted Uses.  Only those uses listed below shall be permitted, in accordance with all of the provisions of this district.
      A.   Business sales and services conducted entirely within the building, including those with incidental manufacturing or processing of goods or products, and incidental sales or display outside the building.
      B.   Offices and clinics.
      C.   Publicly owned and operated buildings and facilities.
      D.   All permitted uses in C-1.
   3.   Accessory Uses.  Uses of land or structures customarily incidental and subordinate to a permitted use in the C-2 District:
      A.   Private recreational facilities.
      B.   Dwellings, second floor and above.
      C.   Private garages.
      D.   Parking lots.
      E.   Temporary buildings for uses incidental to construction work.  Such buildings shall be removed upon the completion or abandonment of the construction work.
   4.   Conditional Use.  The following uses may be permitted in the C-2 District subject to specific conditions and requirements intended to make them compatible with and acceptable to adjacent uses.
      A.   Public or private utility substations, relay stations, etc.
      B.   Satellite dishes.  The placement of satellite dish antennas, either permanent or temporary, shall be considered as accessory buildings, except that a 72-hour temporary use is allowed.  No satellite dish shall exceed a diameter of four feet.
      C.   Warehouses.
      D.   Churches or accessory facilities (on or off site).
      E.   Hotels and motels.
      F.   One- and two-family dwellings subjected to R-1 lot area, frontage and yard setback requirements.
   5.   Bulk Regulations.  The following requirements shall provide for light and air around permitted uses and building in the C-2 District.
      A.   Minimum lot:  2,200 square feet.
      B.   Minimum lot width:  20 feet.
      C.   Minimum front yard:  none, except 20 feet where provided.
      D.   Minimum side yard:  none, except six feet minimum where provided.
      E.   Minimum rear yard:  none, except 20 feet minimum where provided.
      F.   Maximum height:  the lesser of four stories or 60 feet.
Where this district abuts a lower intensity district, the greater side and rear yard setbacks apply. 
   6.   Off-Street Parking.  The following off-street parking requirements shall apply in the BC District.
      A.   Sales and service buildings:  one parking space per 300 square feet of gross floor area.
      B.   Offices/clinic:  one parking space per 300 square feet of gross floor area.
      C.   Churches:  one parking space within 400 feet of the lot for each five seats in the main auditorium.
      D.   Public buildings and facilities:  one parking space per 300 square feet of gross floor area or one parking space for each five seats in the main assembly area.
      E.   Hotels and motels:  one parking space per room plus one parking space for each employee.
      F.   Dwellings:  two spaces per unit.
   7.   Off-Street Loading.  The following off-street loading requirements shall apply in the C-2 District.
      A.   All activities or uses allowed in the C-2 District shall be provided with adequate receiving facilities accessible by motor vehicle from any adjacent service drive or open space on the same zoning lot.
      B.   Loading shall not be permitted to block public right-of-way. 
   8.   Signs.  The following sign regulations shall apply to the C-2 District:
      A.   Off-premises and on-premises signs are permitted.
      B.   No sign may be lighted in a manner which impairs the vision of the driver of any motor vehicle.
      C.   No sign may obstruct the view of any highway or railroad so as to render dangerous the use of the highway.
      D.   No sign may imitate or resemble an official traffic control sign, signal or device.
      E.   No sign may obscure or physically interfere with an official traffic control sign, signal or device.
      F.   No advertisement or advertising structure shall be posted, erected or maintained which simulates any official, directional, or warning sign erected or maintained by the State, County, Municipality or other governmental subdivision or which incorporates or makes use of lights simulating or resembling traffic signals or control signs.
      G.   No advertisement shall be posted or maintained on rocks, trees, or other perennial plants, or on poles maintained by public utilities.
      H.   Signs, any part of which project out from the building from four to 18 inches, shall be erected so that no portion of the sign is less than nine feet above grade.
      I.   Signs must not exceed the maximum permissible height in this district.