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   1.   Purpose.  The C-l District is intended to provide an area for the business, financial, professional, and commercial needs of the community, especially those which can be most suitably located in a compact, centrally located traditional business district. 
   2.   Permitted Uses.  Only those uses listed below shall be permitted, in accordance with all of the provisions of this district.
      A.   Grocery Stores (5411-SIC).
      B.   Meat and seafood markets, but not including slaughtering or carcass meats (5423-SIC).
      C.   Fruit stores and vegetable markets (5431-SIC), provided that no outdoor or open-air display, sales or storage shall be permitted.
      D.   Candy, nut, and confectionery stores (5441-SIC).
      E.   Dairy product stores (5451-SIC), retail over the counter sales only.
      F.   Retail bakeries including baking and selling (5462-SIC).
      G.   Non-commercial museums and art galleries (8411-SIC).
      H.   Drug Stores (5912-SIC).
      I.   Variety store, junior department store, or showroom / catalog store, not to exceed 15,000 square feet of gross floor area.
      J.   Beauty shops (7231-SIC) and barber shops (7341-SIC), but not including schools.
      K.   Tailor shops, including clothing alteration and repair shops.
      L.   Shoe repair shop, shoe shining (7251-SIC).
      M.   Watch, clock and jewelry repair (7631-SIC).
      N.   Electrical repair shops (7622-SIC).
      O.   Coin operated laundries and dry cleaning establishments using nonflammable solvents.
      P.   Eating places, including drive-in and carry-out establishments, but not including caterer (5812-SIC) or live entertainment, health food stores.
      Q.   Drinking places, but not including discotheques or live entertainment (5813- SIC), and not to exceed an occupancy of 125 persons; the area utilized for dancing shall not exceed one-eighth (1/8) of the patron area excluding restrooms and foyers, and dancing shall cease when the bar closes to the public.
      R.   Hardware stores (5251-SIC).
      S.   Paint, glass, and wallpaper stores, retail sales to the general public only, apparel and accessory stores, including storage and repair of fur garments but not including trading in furs (5600-SIC).
      T.   Sporting goods stores and bicycle shops (5941-SIC), but not including sales of motorized vehicles.
      U.   Book stores (5942-SIC) and stationery stores (5943-SIC).
      V.   Jewelry stores (5944-SIC) and dry cleaning.
      W.   Hobby, toy and game shops (5945_SIC).
      X.   Camera and photographic supply stores (5946-SIC), including photofinishing services for the general public and photographic studios, portraits (7221-SIC) commercial photography, art, and graphics (7333-SIC).
      Y.   Gift, novelty, and souvenir shops (5947-SIC).
      Z.   Luggage and leather goods (5948-SIC).
      AA.   Sewing, needlework, and piece goods stores (5949-SIC).
      BB.   Formalwear and costume rental, not including used merchandise shops.
      CC.    Florists (5992-SIC), including potted house plants.
      DD.   Optical goods and hearing aids.
      EE.   Retail pet food stores and pet grooming, provided that kennels, boarding, and sales of pets other than tropical fish are expressly prohibited as either principal or accessory uses.
      FF.   Artists’ and architectural supply.
      GG.   Retail coin, philatelist, and autograph shops.
      HH.   Religious goods.
      II.   News dealers and newsstands (5994-SIC) and news syndicates (7351-SIC).
      JJ.   Radio, television, and music stores including home video equipment (5731-SIC).
      KK.   Miscellaneous home furnishings such as glassware and linens (5719-SIC).
      LL.   Interior decorators, including retail sale of draperies and curtains.
      MM.   Household appliance stores but not including cabinets or plumbing fixtures.
      NN.   Floor covering stores (5713-SIC) primarily engaged in retail sales and incidental installation, but not including establishments primarily engaged in installing or supplying building contractors.
      OO.   Retail sale of household furniture, but not including cabinets, not to exceed 10,000 square feet in gross floor area.
      PP.   Health clubs or spas, beauty spas or reducing salons, and similar health and beauty services, but not including lodging (5231-SIC).
      QQ.   Apparel and accessory stores, including storage and repair of fur garments.
      RR.   Real estate and legal services (6500-SIC; 8111-SIC).
      SS.   Business associations (8611-SIC); Professional membership associations (8621- SIC); and other membership organizations (8699-SIC) including civic, social, fraternal, religious (8651-SIC) and political (8651-SIC).
      TT.   Advertising agencies and radio, television and publishers’ advertising representatives (7311 and 7313-SIC).
      UU.   Offices of manufacturers’ sales representatives, subject to on-site sales, display, or storage of stock in trade.
      VV.   Personnel Supply Services (736-SIC).
      WW.   Blueprinting and photocopying services (7332-SIC).
      XX.   Travel agencies and bureaus.
      YY.   Blood banks.
      ZZ.   Professional, scientific and technical services.
   3.   Accessory Uses
      A.   Uses clearly subordinate and customarily incidental to the principal use, including storage of merchandise and preparation of certain products.
      B.   Food and beverage services, cocktail lounges, apothecaries, barber shops or beauty salons, drafting or quick printing services, optical shop, recreational facilities primarily for use of employees, or similar uses shall be permitted where it can be demonstrated that the number of employees or clientele of the principal uses on the lot are sufficient to support such uses, subject to the following criteria in addition to all other requirements of this ordinance:
         (1)   Such incidental or accessory use may be a separate tenant but shall be incorporated within the principal building and designed to serve the employees of the principal building or their clientele.  Such use shall not have any direct access from the exterior, but shall access through a principal use or from a common enclosed mall or courtyard.
         (2)   Total area of all accessory uses shall not exceed 25 percent of the gross leasable floor area of the building.
         (3)   No signage or merchandise shall be displayed as to be visible to the general public from outside the building.
   4.   Conditional Uses.
      A.   Retail sale of nursery stock including outdoor storage and sales of same, seeds and fertilizers, and other garden supplies and tools, but not including power mowers and similar tools.
      B.   Auditoriums or assembly areas for more than 100 persons as a customary accessory use to a permitted use.
      C.   Veterinarian clinics or animal hospitals providing overnight boarding or lodging.
      D.   Gasoline service stations, muffler installation and other routine maintenance, tire dealers, retail sale of gas and oil, filling stations, and car washes.
      E.   Business and secretarial schools (SIC 8244).
      F.   Outpatient care facilities (SIC 8081).
      G.   General medical and surgical hospitals (SIC 8062).
      H.   Child Day Care Services (SIC 8351).
      I.   Communication towers with a maximum height of 150 feet, located not less than 200 feet from the boundary of any property zoned for residential use or designated for such use by the Comprehensive Plan.
      J.   Storage facilities.
   5.   Performance Standards.
      A.   Storage shall be limited to those inventories, supplies, and equipment necessary to support the principal use and shall not exceed 40 percent of the total gross floor area; further provided that storage shall be wholly contained within the principal building.
      B.   Certain products such as bakery goods may be produced for retail sale on the premises on which they are produced provided that such production shall be clearly accessory to the retail use of the premises and all such products shall be sold at retail on the premises on which they are produced.
      C.   No noise, vibration, hazard, glare, air pollutants such as fumes or dust, odor other than that which might originate from food preparation by a bakery or restaurant, or electro-magnetic disturbances shall be generated.
      D.   No wholesaling shall be permitted, except for certain products such as automotive parts which may be purchased on a largely individual basis for resale as part of a repair service as opposed to bulk shipments and deliveries.
      E.   Nothing shall be construed to permit any use of an adult entertainment nature.
      F.   All activities, storage, and display shall be contained within a fully enclosed building, except for uses such as sale of gasoline which by their nature must be conducted outside.
      G.   All refuse collection areas shall be fully enclosed by a six-foot high opaque wood fence or masonry wall.
      H.   Where the lot abuts property zoned for residential use, a buffer shall be provided between such use.  (See Subsection 6 of this section.)
      I.   A minimum of 15 percent of the lot in addition to required landscape setbacks and buffer yards shall be maintained as open space landscaped with grass, trees, shrubs, and other plant materials.
      J.   Lots directly abutting arterial streets shall not exceed one drive access onto each such arterial street except as provided below.  Common drives between adjacent landowners shall be encouraged in lieu of individual drives, recommended to be located with the common property line as the centerline of the drive and required to be located a minimum of 40 feet from any other drive as measured from centerline to centerline.  Where such common drive is provided and joint access easements to parking areas are provided, required parking spaces on each lot may be reduced in number by up to five percent.  One additional drive access may be permitted a lot with continuous frontage in excess of 300 feet, or two additional drive accesses for continuous frontage in excess of 600 feet, if proper spacing is provided.  The City Council may authorize additional drives in any case upon finding such access will not create congestion or traffic hazards. 
   6.   Bulk Requirements. The following requirements shall be observed.
      A.   Minimum Lot Area:  None.
      B.   Minimum Lot Width:  None.
      C.   Minimum Front Yard:  20 feet.
      D.   Minimum Side Yards:  Adjacent to a street - 20 feet; adjacent to a residentially zoned property - 30 feet; otherwise none required.
      E.   Minimum Rear Yard:  Adjacent to residentially zoned property - 30 feet; otherwise none required.
      F.   Maximum Height:  Two stories with a maximum total height of 35 feet, provided that no building shall exceed a bulk plane having a 14 degree altitude calculated from a horizontal plane extending through a line located 18 feet above the average elevation of the rear lot line when the rear yard abuts a residential district lying to the north, or when a commercial structure with an existing solar energy device or passive solar energy building design, said design to be previously documented and to include thermal storage, lies to the north.