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   1.   Purpose.  The purpose of this district is to provide space for medium sized lots for single-family living and two-family dwellings in intermediate locations in the interior of areas planned as neighborhoods that are or soon will be served by a full-range of public services.
   2.   Permitted Uses.  Any use permitted in the R-1 District and accessory uses incidental to and on the same zoning lot as the principal use.
   3.   Accessory Uses.
      A.   Private garages.
      B.   Normal accessory buildings and structures for a dwelling, such as swimming pools, children’s playhouses, radio and television receiving antennas, barbecue pits, playground equipment, tennis courts, etc.
      C.   Raising and keeping of animals is prohibited on a commercial basis.
      D.   Temporary buildings for use incidental to construction work.  Such buildings shall be removed upon the completion or abandonment of the construction work.
   4.   Conditional Uses.  The following conditional uses may be allowed by the Board of Adjustment subject to the requirements of this and all other City ordinances and in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan of the City.
      A.   Public or private elementary, junior high or middle schools, high schools, and similar educational facilities, but not including boarding, rooming, or residential dwelling units.
      B.   Cemeteries.
      C.   Churches and other religious organizations (SIC 8661).
      D.   Public or nonprofit museums and historic sites or buildings, including offices and support facilities accessory thereto.
      E.   Public utility facilities, including transmission and distribution equipment, substations, regulator stations, and buildings associated therewith, but not including facilities for maintenance or general operations or communication towers.  Evidence shall be provided to show such facilities are essential to service the public, that no reasonable alternative exists, and that all negative impacts, including esthetics, have been mitigated to the extent possible.
      F.   Nursery schools and other child care (SIC 8351).
      G.   Bed and breakfast house.
      H.   Home occupation in accessory buildings.
   5.   Maximum Height Regulations.  No principal building shall exceed two and one-half stories or 35 feet in height.
   6.   Lot Area, Frontage and Yard Set Back Requirements.
For Dwellings
For Non-Dwellings
Lot area
10,000 square feet
one acre
Lot frontage
90 feet
150 feet
Front yard depth
30 feet
50 feet
Side yard (least width on any one side)
10 feet
25 feet
Width (minimum sum of both side yards)
20 feet
50 feet
Rear yard depths
30 feet
50 feet
In the event public sewer is not available for a dwelling, the minimum lot area shall be 40,000 square feet.
   7.   Minimum Floor Area.  Single-family dwellings shall have a minimum of 1,200 square feet of living space.  Two-family dwellings shall have a minimum of 950 square feet for each unit.  If the building is two or more stories high, the first floor living space of a single-family dwelling shall contain a minimum of 900 square feet; and the first floor living space of a two-family dwelling shall contain a minimum of 750 square feet.   
   8.   Dwelling Width.  The minimum dwelling width shall be 30 feet at the exterior dimension.
   9.   Off-Street Parking Regulations.
      A.   There shall be two parking spaces for each dwelling unit, exclusive of private garages.
      B.   For two-family dwellings:  two spaces per dwelling unit. 
   10.   Off-Street Loading.  The following off-street loading requirements apply in the R-2 District:
      A.   All activities or uses allowed in the R-2 District shall be provided with adequate receiving facilities accessible by motor vehicle off any adjacent service drive or open space on the same zoning lot.
      B.   Loading is not permitted to block public right-of-way.