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The regulations in this section, or elsewhere in this chapter which are applicable, shall apply in the CN Conservation District.
   1.   Purpose and Intent.  This district is intended to prevent, in those areas that are subject to periodic or potential flooding, such development as would result in a hazard to health or safety or be otherwise incompatible with the public welfare.  This district is also intended to provide for water conservation, erosion control, protection of wildlife habitat, protection of natural erosion control, protection of natural drainage ways and generally to provide for ecologically sound land use of environmentally sensitive areas.   
   2.   Principal Permitted Uses.
      A.   Undeveloped and unused land in its natural condition.
      B.   Public parks and recreation open space.
   3.   Accessory Uses.
      A.   Agriculture, exclusive of dwelling units.
      B.   Agricultural or recreational buildings or structures whose use or value would not be impaired by being flooded.  (No storage of harmful chemicals that could harm people or environment without written permission of the City.)
      C.   Flood control structures.
      D.   Roadside stands offering for sale only agricultural products or other products produced on premises.
      E.   Temporary buildings for uses incidental to construction work.  Such buildings shall be removed upon the completion or abandonment of the construction work.
   4.   Special Exceptions.
      A.   Stables, private or public.
      B.   Greenhouse and nurseries.
      C.   Private recreational uses (non-motorized only).
      D.   Public or private utility substations, relay stations, etc.
   5.   Height Regulation.  2½ stories or 35 feet, excluding farm buildings.
   6.   Lot Area, Lot Frontage and Yard Requirements.  The following minimum requirements shall be observed:
      Lot area   5 acres
      Lot width   200 feet
      Front yard depth    50 feet
      Side yard (least width on any one side)    50 feet
      Width (minimum sum of both side yards)    100 feet
      Rear yard depth   50 feet   
   7.   Off-Street Parking.  The following off-street parking requirements shall apply in the CN District:
      A.   Roadside stands:  one parking space for each 50 square feet of floor area.
      B.   Greenhouses and nurseries:  one parking space per 1,000 square feet of enclosed floor area.
   8.   Off-Street Loading.  The following off-street loading requirements shall apply in the CN District:
      A.   All activities or uses allowed in the CN District shall be provided with adequate receiving facilities accessible by motor vehicle off any adjacent service drive or open space on the same zoning lot.
      B.   Loading shall not be permitted to block public right-of-way.