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In order to classify, regulate and restrict the location of trades and industries, and the location of buildings designed for specified uses, to regulate and limit the height and bulk of building hereafter erected or altered; to regulate and limit the intensity of the use of lot areas, and to regulate and determine the area of yards, courts, and other open spaces within the surrounding area of such buildings, the City is hereby divided into 15 classes of zoning districts.  The use, height and area regulations are uniform in each class of zoning district and said districts shall be known as:
A-1   Existing Agriculture District
A-2   Agriculture/Estates District
CN   Conservation District
R-1   Single-Family Residential District (High Density)
R-2   Single-Family Residential District (Medium Density)
R-3   Single-Family Residential District (Low Density)
R-4   Multi-Family Residential District
R-5   Townhouse Residential District
R-6   Mobile Home Park
C-1   General Commercial
C-2   Business and Neighborhood District (Older Square District)
C-3   Highway Commercial District
M-1   Light Industrial District
M-2   Medium Industrial District
M-3   Heavy Industrial District