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No building, structure, land, or water shall be used for any use not listed as a principal permitted use in the district in which it is located, except for an accessory use customarily incidental and clearly subordinate to a principal permitted use on the same lot.  All other uses are expressly prohibited unless judged by the Zoning/Building Administrator, City Council, and/or Board of Adjustment to be substantially similar to a listed permitted use.  For the purposes of administering the commercial districts, permitted uses are listed in terminology intended to be consistent with the Standard Industrial Classification Manual, 1972 and the 1977 Supplement thereto, as issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce and on file in the office of the Department of Community Development, said publication hereinafter referred to as the SIC.
The SIC classifies uses according to major groups designated by two-digit numbers, whose characteristics are described.  Such group or industry code numbers are listed in parenthesis as appropriate for ease of reference to the SIC, and shall have no other purpose.  Where a group or subgroup is listed as a permitted use it is intended that all individual uses listed by the SIC within such group or subgroup be permitted unless otherwise stated, subject to all requirements of this chapter.  It is further intended that where an individual use is listed as a permitted use only that use shall be permitted and all other uses within the group or subgroup are expressly prohibited.