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   1.   Setbacks.
      A.   The minimum distance between any freestanding SWECS and any property line shall be a distance that is equivalent to 110 percent of the total system height.  The setback shall be measured from the property line to the point of the SWECS closest to the property line.
      B.   The required setback for any building mounted SWECS shall be equal to the required setback of the principal building to which the SWECS is to be attached at such time that the application to install a building mounted SWECS is received by the City.
   2.   Maximum Height.  Height shall be measured from the ground to the top of the tower, including the wind turbine generator and blades.
      A.   For lots of more than one and fewer than three acres, the maximum height shall be 65 feet.
      B.   For lots of three to seven acres, the maximum height shall be 80 feet.
      C.   For lots of more than seven acres the maximum height shall be 100 feet.
      D.   Building mounted SWECS may be a maximum of 10 feet higher than the point of attachment to the building on which they are attached.
   3.   Minimum Lot Size.
      A.   The minimum lot size for a freestanding SWECS shall be one acre.
      B.   The minimum lost size for a building mounted SWECS shall be 8,000 square feet for any building mounted SWECS to be mounted on a building of less than five stories in height.
      C.   There shall be no minimum lot size for building mounted SWECS to be mounted on buildings of five or more stories in height.
   4.   Clearance of Blade.  No portion of a horizontal axis SWECS blade shall extend within 30 feet of the ground.  No portion of a vertical axis SWECS shall extend within 10 feet of the ground.  No blades may extend over parking areas, driveways or sidewalks.  No blade may extend within 20 feet of the nearest tree, structure, or above ground utility facilities.
   5.   Location.
      A.   No part of a SWECS shall be located within or over drainage, utility or other established easements.
      B.   A freestanding SWECS shall be located entirely in the rear yard.
      C.   A SWECS shall be located in compliance with the guidelines of applicable Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations as amended from time to time.
      D.   No SWECS shall be constructed so that any part thereof can extend within 20 feet laterally of an overhead electrical power line (excluding secondary electrical service lines or service drops).  The setback from underground electric distribution lines shall be at least five feet.
      E.   Building mounted SWECS shall be prohibited unless the owner has obtained a written analysis from an Iowa licensed structural engineer determining that installation of a SWECS will not cause damage to the structure and that the SWECS can be securely fastened so as to not pose a hazard caused by detaching from the structure.