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Billing and payment for storm water service shall be according to the following:
   1.   Billing.  Storm water billing will begin upon water meter installation.  In the case of property without City water service the owner of the said property will be billed based on:
A.   The issuance of a certificate of occupancy for the dwelling or dwelling unit;
      B.   Ninety days after construction is halted, provided construction is at least 50 percent complete; or
      C.   Ninety days after construction is completed, even if a certificate of occupancy has not been issued for the dwelling or dwelling unit.
   2.   Payment of Bills.  All fees are due and payable under the same terms and conditions provided for payment of a combined service account as contained in Section 92.04 of this Code of Ordinances.  Utility service may be discontinued in accordance with the provisions contained in Section 92.05 if the combined service account becomes delinquent, and the provisions contained in Section 92.08 relating to lien notices shall also apply in the event of a delinquent account.