Any license issued pursuant to this chapter may be revoked by the county clerk or board of Ada County commissioners on any of the following grounds:
   A.   Fraud, misrepresentation or false statement in the application;
   B.   Fraud, misrepresentation or false statement made by the licensee in the course of conducting solicitation or peddling activities;
   C.   Conducting peddling or solicitation activities contrary to the provisions of this chapter;
   D.   Conducting peddling or soliciting activities in such a manner as to create a public nuisance, constitute a breach of the peace or endanger the health, safety, or general welfare of the general public;
   E.   The licensee has been convicted of, pled guilty to, received a withheld judgment for, been subject to a deferred prosecution or prosecutor probation for, or otherwise sentenced or received a similar disposition for:
      1.   Any charge involving theft or fraud;
      2.   Battery, assault, domestic battery or assault, telephone harassment, stalking, or violation of a protective order;
      3.   Any crime involving, or related to, firearms or other weapons;
      4.   Any crime involving, or related to, a child or children, elderly persons, and/or other vulnerable persons;
      5.   Any crime or infraction related to peddling or solicitation in this or any other jurisdiction;
      6.   Any crime involving, or related to, prostitution, indecent exposure, obscene conduct, or other sexual conduct or activity; or
      7.   Any crime involving, or related to, drugs or illicit substances; or
   F.   The applicant is or at any time has been required by any law or court order to register as a sex offender.
The board of county commissioners shall consider a petition for the revocation of a license submitted by any person claiming a violation of any provision of this chapter. If, after review of said petition for revocation of a license, the board of county commissioners determines that the allegations contained therein are true and correct, it may take the appropriate action to revoke that license. Notice and hearing on the revocation of a license pursuant to a petition shall be the same as provided in section 4-1-12 of this chapter. (Ord. 318, 10-19-1996; amd. Ord. 754, 6-29-2010; amd. Ord. 771, 3-15-2011)