A.   The applicant for a license under this chapter shall file with the county clerk an application on the form available through the county clerk's office, which application shall contain the following information:
      1.   A brief description of the business or activity the applicant intends to conduct;
      2.   Name, address, and phone number of the applicant;
If the applicant is a corporation or association, the applicant shall provide the above information and shall also provide the name or names of all persons requesting a license to solicit or peddle on its behalf and shall obtain a license for each such person;
      3.   If an employee or agent of a corporation, the name and address thereof, with written proof establishing the authority of the employee or agent;
      4.   Social security or driver's license numbers, if available;
      5.   A comprehensive listing of any and all convictions, guilty pleas, withheld judgments, or other sentences and other dispositions for any felony or misdemeanor for violation of an ordinance (other than traffic offenses), specifying the charge and the date and place of the criminal or other related proceedings; and
      6.   Two (2) photographs of the applicant, measuring two inches by two inches (2" x 2"), showing the head and shoulders of the applicant in a clear, distinguishable manner.
   B.   The application must be accompanied by a fee in the amount of fifty dollars ($50.00), for each individual requesting a license. Such fee may be paid by cash or check made payable to the county clerk.
   C.   The applicant shall submit to the Idaho state police, bureau of criminal identification, the information, fingerprints, and fees necessary to obtain the criminal history record of the applicant from the Idaho state police and the federal bureau of investigation. Pursuant to Idaho Code section 67-3008 and public law 92-544, the board of Ada County commissioners is authorized to submit fingerprints to the Idaho state police, bureau of criminal identification, and the federal bureau of investigation. The fingerprints of the applicant shall be taken by the Idaho state police, and such fingerprints and all information required by this section shall be on the forms prescribed by the Idaho state police. The county clerk or board of Ada County commissioners is authorized to receive criminal history information from the Idaho state police and from the federal bureau of investigation for the purpose of evaluating the fitness of applicants for a peddler's and solicitor's license. As required by state and federal law, further dissemination or other use of the criminal history information is prohibited. (Ord. 318, 10-19-1996; amd. Ord. 771, 3-15-2011)