5-7-1: Short Title And Purpose
5-7-2: Definitions
5-7-3: Cruelty To Animals
5-7-4: Prohibited Animals
5-7-5: Dog Licenses
5-7-6: Limitations On Number Of Dogs Or Cats
5-7-7: Non Commercial And Commercial Kennel Licenses
5-7-8: Dogs Running At Large Prohibited
5-7-9: Found Stray Animals
5-7-10: Rabies Control, Quarantine
5-7-11: Animals Presenting An Immediate Danger
5-7-12: Directing A Dog To Harass Or Attack
5-7-13: Criminal Responsibility for Dog Bites And Attacks
5-7-14: Habitual Barking Or Noisemaking; Nuisance
5-7-15: Enforcement Official; Animal Shelter
5-7-16: Obstructing Animal Control Officer
5-7-17: Impounding Of Animals
5-7-18: Habitual Violator
5-7-19: Designation And Management Of Dangerous Or At-Risk Dogs
5-7-20: Appeal Procedure For Affected Persons
5-7-21: Denying Ownership
5-7-22: Penalties