A.   In accordance with Idaho Code section 67-6526(d), the City of Kuna or the Ada County Board of County Commissioners may request, in writing, renegotiation of any provision of this chapter at any time. Within thirty (30) days of receipt of such written request by either party, a meeting between the two (2) jurisdictions shall occur.
   B.   While renegotiation is occurring, all provisions of this chapter shall remain in effect until this chapter is amended or a substitute ordinance is adopted by the City of Kuna and Ada County, in accordance with the notice and hearing procedures provided in title 67, chapter 65 of Idaho Code, or until declaratory judgment from the District Court is final. Provided, however, that this chapter or stipulated portions thereof shall be of no further force and effect if both jurisdictions so agree by mutually adopted ordinance. (Ord. 863, 2-15-2017)