A.   Kuna Area Of City Impact Boundary Map: The two (2) Kuna area of city impact boundaries are the areas designated on the Kuna Area of City Impact Boundary Map, as adopted by Ada County ordinance no. 862 and as further described in the legal descriptions attached thereto, fully incorporated by reference, copies of which are available for inspection at the Ada County Development Services Department.
      1.   Amendments to the map are as follows:
         a.   Ordinance 924, July 14, 2021.
   B.   Division By Boundary Line:
      1.   When a property under single ownership is divided by the common area of the City impact boundary lines of two (2) cities, such that one (1) or both of the parts has a depth of three hundred feet (300') or less, such part may be included in the area of City impact in which the larger portion is located.
      2.   When a property under a single ownership is divided only by the Kuna area of City impact boundary line, the part located outside of the impact area may be included in the Kuna area of City impact as long as it is smaller in size than the property located within the area of City impact. (Ord. 863, 2-15-2017; amd. Ord. 925, 7-14-2021)