Ord. No.   Date   Description
73-26   12-18-73   Purchase of easements on certain property for water lines.
3-74   1-15-74   With the Ohio Power Co. for the installation of a twelve inch water line under and through certain property.
92-2   2-18-92   Purchase of sewer and water line easements from Thelma, Mark and Diane Sharrock and Gary and Cassandra Hull at a total cost of $1,000.
96-10   5-21-96   Authorizes the purchase of water and sewer line easements from John Smith for $1,000.
08-01   3-18-08   Extinguishing certain easements retained by the Village upon the vacating of certain streets and alleys in Ord. 90-9.
08-05   3-18-08   Authorizing the grant of a certain limited easement to maintain an encroaching residence on part of right of way along Montford St.