A.   Definition: As used in this chapter, "cistern" means an underground artificial reservoir or tank designed for storing water.
   B.   Notice To Fill Or Cover; Requirements: Upon written notice by the city of any open cistern, the owner of the premises shall cause the cistern to be either completely filled to ground level with suitable solid permanent fill materials or covered with a proper cap or seal. Suitable solid permanent fill materials for cisterns shall include sand, gravel, or dirt. No material of a hazardous, decomposable, or unsanitary nature shall be utilized as fill. A proper cap or seal for cisterns shall consist of concrete with a thickness of at least three and one-half inches (31/2") and large enough to cover the entire opening and overlap at least two inches (2") around the opening.
   C.   Filling Or Covering By City; Costs: If the open cistern is not either properly filled or properly covered within fifteen (15) days after service of the written notice, the city shall have the power to enter upon such premises, or to authorize its agent to do so, and either to properly fill or to properly cover such cistern. The expense of filling or covering the open cistern by the city or its agent shall be paid by the owner. If the expense is not paid within thirty (30) days after notice of such expense has been given to the owner, the city may proceed to commence legal action against the owner for the collection of the expenses.
   D.   Service Of Notice And Bill: The notice provided by subsection B of this section and the billing provided by subsection C of this section may be served personally on the owner or may be sent by first class mail to the last known address of the owner, as shown on the assessor's records. (2006 Code § 6-4-6)