A.   Meetings: The water and power board shall meet once each month at times and places to be designated by the board and at special meetings as called by the city council or chairperson.
   B.   Officers:
      1.   The water and power board shall elect from its members a chairperson, who shall preside over the meetings of the board; and a vice chairperson, who shall act for the chairperson during his absence. A secretary shall be appointed by the chairperson from the board, or from outside the board, to keep the minutes of the board's proceedings.
      2.   The election of officers of the board shall be held at the first regular meeting at which all members are present following January 1 of each even numbered year.
   C.   Rules To Be Adopted: The board shall adopt rules for the conduct of its meetings.
   D.   Voting: No action shall be taken by the board except by the affirmative vote of a majority.
   E.   Compensation: The board shall not receive any compensation other than their normal and reasonable expenses approved in advance by the city council. (Ord. 12-16-81B, 12-16-1981, eff. 1-15-1981; amd. 2007 Code)